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What is No Dig Drain (Trenchless) Replacement?

Plumbing and drain replacement have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean we’re running out of innovations to add to our toolkit in our quest to ensure homeowners of Brampton get the best quality service possible.


One of the most modern techniques that has become quite popular is the no-dig drain (trenchless) replacement. What is no-dig drain replacement? Let’s explore and learn more about it in this blog.


What Is No Dig Drain Replacement?

No-dig drain replacement, also known as trenchless drain replacement, is a modern technique that provides a revolutionary new way to fix damaged or clogged drains.


Traditional methods require extensive excavation, which can be very invasive and leave a big unsightly scar on your property. No-dig drain replacement is a far less invasive method. What if the pipe runs under your immaculate lawn or garden that you’ve spent so much time on?


Rather than digging a large trench to access the pipe, no-dig drain repair allows a company to fix damaged or clogged drains and replace the pipes without digging up your property.


How Does it Work?

Trenchless pipe replacement works by feeding a liner through the segment of damaged pipe by using a specialized winch tool. The liner is then inflated once it’s in place, which forces the liner to completely fill the inside of your sewer line where it dries. Once it has dried, it provides a water-tight new sewer line that uses the old line as a support structure.


Difference From Traditional Drain Replacement

No-dig drain replacement is obviously a less invasive method than traditional drain replacement, and it offers other benefits over excavation as well.


•   Time – an expert plumber can carry out a trenchless drain replacement in as little as a few hours. This is a massive time saving over an excavation job.

•   Cost Effective – those time savings lead to huge cost savings as well. Less labour time means lower labour costs. In fact, you could save up to 75% in costs compared to traditional replacement methods.

•   Environmentally Friendly – a less invasive process means it is a more environmentally friendly method. Open trenches can cause soil erosion and contaminated runoff into streams and rivers. No digging means you avoid all of those issues.

•   Long-Lasting Solutions – the pipe liners are made from an epoxy resin, which makes them very durable. They’re an efficient method of repairing and replacing drains, which makes them a wise investment.


It should be noted that some pipes are beyond repair and cannot be saved by trenchless drain replacement. In those cases, a traditional drain replacement will be required.


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