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“I had a wonderful service experience provided by Matt and  Kevin this week. What I thought was a blocked toilet turned out to be blockages by tree roots in the sanitary sewer,  When the sewer clean out plug could not be located they brought in locating equipment and were able to then access the plug with minimal breakup of the basement cement floor. Soon,  they had the sewer cleared and all is well,  They were polite and neat and did a nice cleanup including repair of the floor.  They took the time to explain the problem. Highly recommended.”

- Allan C.


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A blocked drain can be one of the most unpleasant things to a homeowner or a business. Whenever you have a blocked drain that needs clearing fast, Archdekin Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will always use the closest plumber to address your issue and offer drain cleaning services in Brampton. Reducing travel time enables us to keep response times to a minimum. 


Our team of professional plumbers specializes in drain cleaning in Brampton. Whether it's a minor clog or a more complex blockage, we have the tools and expertise to get your drains flowing freely again. We remove the toughest blockage using advanced techniques and equipment, leaving your drains clear and efficient. 


We now have NO DIG SEWER REPLACEMENT. We replace cracked drains and drains with roots from the street to the house without significant excavation. 

Archdekin Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is committed to providing top-quality service and innovative solutions to ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly. Contact us today for fast and reliable drain cleaning services in Brampton. 


  • Drain, gutter, gully, bath, sink or toilet unblocking

  • High-pressure water jetting

  • CCTV survey reports

  • Drain cleaning

  • Backwater valve installation 

  • Maintenance and repairs in the drainage system

  • Emergency services

At some stage, drains, traps, and waste pipes will require cleaning as over time, dirt, limescale and grease can build up. Drains often neglected may need major drain cleaning, which could become a big job that can be very expensive.


If you live in an older house and have never had a sewer inspected a camera inspection will give you peace of mind.


We will educate you from our experience. We are here to help, not taking advantage of the situation. We are a family business, and we only recommend what we would do in our house.

One can also get backwater valve installation from our experts. 


Our plumbers use high-powered pressure jetting machines to clean and unblock the drain, gutter, gully, bath, sink and toilet blockages.


Unclogging drains from debris and other unwanted matter becomes essential for commercial properties like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and offices. For the smooth flow of water, to keep sewage in the sewer system, and to prevent the overflow of water on your property during heavy rainfall, getting a backwater valve installed is also helpful.  


Our team cleans drains and performs catch basin pumping excavation and backwater valve installation services. We upkeep drainage and catch waste, which helps ward off the downstream pipes from getting clogged. 

A leaking pipe


Older drains need expert service because it is easy to use too much pressure and break the old pipes, which can lead to a much larger mess. When you work with highly qualified, friendly & reliable staff at Archdekin Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we always do the job right to prevent these mistakes.

At Archdekin Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we offer expert drain repair services in Brampton, ensuring your plumbing system runs smoothly. 


We provide comprehensive drain repair solutions. From repairs to replacements, our plumbers have the knowledge and experience to handle various drain issues. We assess the situation thoroughly and recommend the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions. 


Maintaining a functional plumbing system is crucial for the smooth operation of any household. Over time, drains can accumulate debris, grease, and other substances that hinder their performance. Here are the signs that you need drain cleaning services: 


Slow draining water 

One of the earliest indicators of a clogged drain is water taking longer than usual to drain from sinks, showers, or tubs. This gradual slowdown indicates an obstruction that is restricting the flow of water through the pipes. 


Unpleasant odours and sounds 

Foul odours from drains are often a clear indication of trapped organic matter, which can include food particles, hair, and soap scum. If you hear gurgling noises from your drains or toilets, it could indicate air bubbles trapped in the pipes. This can occur when a blockage prevents proper airflow through the plumbing system. 


Water backing up 

One of the most obvious signs of a clogged drain is water backing into sinks, tubs, or toilets. This issue requires immediate attention to prevent water damage and unsanitary conditions. 


Multiple clogged fixtures 

When multiple fixtures in your home experience drainage issues simultaneously, it strongly indicates a clog in the main sewer line. This requires professional attention to address the root cause of the problem. 


Don't let drain issues disrupt your daily life. Contact us today for expert and reliable drain cleaning services.  


For all your blocked drain needs in Brampton, call Archdekin Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Whether you need drain, gutter, gully, bath, sink, or toilet clearance, our service experts can provide good quality and rapid solutions to suit your needs. 


Archdekin Plumbing & Heating Ltd was established in 1943. We are Brampton’s oldest continuous plumbing and heating   company. 


Are you looking for a professional plumber? Give us a call!

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